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  • Welcome to GARR MeetGARR Meet

    GARR audio and video conferencing portal

    A wide choice of simple and secure audio and video conferencing tools, in order to meet all the needs of the Italian research and education community.

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  • OpenMeet: Open solution for instant meetingsOpenMeet

    Simple and secure, OpenMeet is an open source solution that allows the quick creation of virtual rooms, no user registration required nor reservation.
    This is a free access service offered to everyone in best effort mode.

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  • eduMeet: Instant meetings for all connectionseduMeet

    This service offers the quick creation of rooms with high audio and video quality levels, adjustable by users.
    Possibility of moderation of the participants to create webinar layouts.
    This is a free access service offered to everyone in best effort mode.

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  • Audioconf: Solution for conference callsAudioConf

    AudioConf is a service to set up conference calls and invite others to join by simply dialling a telephone number. This service is available for groups of up to 20 participants.
    The conference call booking system is accessible to users through IDEM federated authentication.

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  • BlueMeet: Open source platform for meetings and webinarsBlueMeet

    BlueMeet is an open source solution to host events with up to 100 participants.
    Useful features for online teaching include polls, shared whiteboard, breakout rooms and session recording. BlueMeet is available upon request in a platform-as-a-service mode, fully customisable and with autonomous access management.

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Immagine OpenMeet
Servizio ad accesso libero

OpenMeet OpenMeet

Based on Jitsi, OpenMeet, is an open source solution to organise video calls directly from the web browser, no registration required. The service can be used also from mobile (with the JitsiMeet app - for iOS and Android). Recommended for instant meetings for up to 20 participants. OpenMeet is offered in best effort mode and is open to everyone.

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Servizio ad accesso libero

eduMeet eduMeet

EduMeet can be used both on mobile (iOS and Android) and on desktop directly from the web browser. The service is based on the Mediasoup open source system, developed within the European collaboration GÉANT. With EduMeet users can hold instant meetings even with devices that are not particularly powerful and with suboptimal connections, for a maximum recommended of about 20 participants. The service, offered by GARR in best effort mode, is open to everyone and supports room moderation through IDEM federated authentication.

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Immagine AudioConf
Servizio per la comunità GARR

AudioConf AudioConf

With AudioConf users can set up conference calls and invite others to join by simply dialling a telephone number. The service is for groups of up to 20 participants.

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Servizio per la comunità GARR

BlueMeet BlueMeet

Ideal solution for meetings, webinars and online teaching. Based on the BigBlueButton open source system, BlueMeet can accommodate up to 100 participants and offers useful and easy-to-use features for online teaching, including instant polls, shared whiteboard and session recording. BlueMeet can be integrated with LMS such as Moodle.
Organizations connected to GARR can access BlueMeet in as-a-service mode, using the GARR infrastructure to create customised videoconferencing and virtual classroom services. Thanks to the integration with its own Moodle LMS or other front-end, organizations can autonomously manage access and user support.

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Comparative table

Choose the service that best suits your needs

Comparative table of GARR video conferencing services
OpenMeetOpenMeet eduMeeteduMeet AudioConfAudioConf BlueMeetBlueMeet
OpenMeetOpenMeet eduMeeteduMeet AudioConfVConf BlueMeetBlueMeet
Powered by Jitsi MediaSOUP Asterisk BBB
For whom Everybody Everybody IDEM Users IDEM Users
IDEM authentication
Recommended maximum number of participants (per meeting) ~20 ~20 20 ~20
Recommended maximum number of participants (per webinar) ~50 ~50 n/a ~100
Support team
Participation from Browser, App Browser, Mobile browser Phone Browser, Mobile browser
Session video recording
Video streaming n/a
Webinar mode n/a
Max video quality FHD 4K n/a HD
Room privacy settings Password IDEM login or lock the room PIN PIN