From 3 April 2023, Webmeetings service will be discontinued in favor of video communication services based on open solutions. To choose the solution that best suits your needs, please consult the comparative table.
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Comparative table

Choose the service that best suits your needs

Comparative table of GARR video conferencing services
WebMeetingsWebMeetings VConfVConf OpenMeetOpenMeet eduMeeteduMeet AudioConfAudioConf BlueMeetBlueMeet
WebMeetingsWebMeetings VConfVConf OpenMeetOpenMeet eduMeeteduMeet AudioConfVConf BlueMeetBlueMeet
Powered by AdobeConnect Pexip I.C. Jitsi MediaSOUP Asterisk BigBlueButton
License Proprietary Proprietary Apache License 2.0 ISC license (BSD 2-Clause, MIT licenses derived) GNU General Public License (GPL) GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

General Features

Free access
IDEM authentication
Recommended maximum number of participants (per meeting) ~100 ~30 ~20 ~20 20 ~20
Recommended maximum number of participants (per webinar) 700 50 ~50 ~50 n/a ~100
Support team


From web browser n/a
Mobile-friendly App App
Join by phone
H.323 devices


Screen sharing n/a
Present file Images, pdf, ppt(x), video, audio Images, pdf Video n/a Images, pdf, ppt(x), video
Interactive whiteboard n/a
File sharing n/a
Chat n/a
Raise your hand n/a
Session video recording
Video streaming n/a
Webinar mode n/a
Other functionalities Reactions, Q&A, Presenter only area Video blurring Multi-webcam Poll
Reusable rooms with booking with booking n/a
Customisable room names n/a

Video quality

Video quality management n/a
Max video quality HD FHD FHD 4K n/a HD
Max quality for multimedia content HD FHD HD 4K n/a HD


Room privacy settings Pin Pin Password IDEM login or lock the room PIN PIN
Personal data on (trustworthy) Italian servers n/a direct peer2peer n/a
LMS integration n/a


Cost Free for GARR user comunity Free for GARR user comunity Free for all Free for all Free for GARR user comunity Free for GARR user comunity